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        Brian Glenn grew up in Massapequa, New York. After graduating high school he moved to the greater Cincinnati area before joining the United States Navy where he served honorably. After departing the Navy, Brian moved to Maryland and worked as a systems engineer while continuing his college education. He now lives with his family in Colorado, and is employed as a Program Manager.

        So how did “Dylan Murphy and the Magic Touch,” come to be?

        That answer is not as straight forward as one might think. Years ago, Brian noticed that his middle school children had very minimal interest in reading. He was sure this situation was absolutely normal, and that there were many other households as well where the boy would rather play video games until the wee hours of the dawn, and the girl would rather hypnotize herself watching endless television shows on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel.

        He decided to take a look at what the school system was mandating as take home reading assignments. Brian was surprised to find that "Animal Farm," written by George Orwell, was in his Son's backpack. A good book in its day, but let’s face it, a bit dated, and woefully dry for today’s ’now’ generation.

        It was at that moment he decided to write “Dylan Murphy and the Magic Touch.”
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