Customer Reviews of Magic Touch
Five Stars
Absolutely delightful to read
     Wow! What a fun read! The author really has a winner here. If you're looking for a fun romp through a magical world, then look no further. In this book, the author has put an original spin on the essence of magical powers, giving the story a fresh new twist. He also manages to blend the real and magical worlds in a unique way which helps you identify more closely with the main characters: they truly are as real as you and me (no need for a prized lineage or a high midi-chlorian blood count!). If you have kids who don't like to read, hand them this book. They will more than likely change their minds! Is this the next Harry Potter? Who knows, it certainly could be. Although it is a fun book for young and old alike, and full of magic, one thing it is NOT is "another" Harry Potter. This is a truly original story and a lot of fun to read. Once you start, and your internal movie projector gets going, you will quickly get attached to the characters and won't want to put the book (or should I say kindle?) down. There is one down side however: it appears we'll have to wait over a year for the next book! In the meantime, grab a copy, enjoy it, and spread the word!
Awesome read!!!
     This story grabs your attention in the first few pages and continues to draw you in throughout the book. Many hair raising and comical moments throughout the story. The author has done an excellant job on creating a book that anyone can read and dirft off to another place and not even realizing it. Bring on book two because I am waiting to find out what happens next.
A story to remember
     The first three chapters captured me and before I knew it I was up to read a couple more chapters at 3 am. Five chapters later, that same night,I forced myself to put the book down and finished it early the next day. The book flows very well, each chapter brings something new and interesting to the table and it keeps you wanting to read more. Even the chapter names make you smile as you figure out the association to the chapter. This book provides a touch of fantasy along with a twist of reality that every person can relate to. Additionally, the characters grow on you and the story helps you build a very vivid image of each person. I can't wait to read the next book.
Dylan Murphy and the Magic Touch is a fun, contemporary, and magical adventure story
     Dylan Murphy and the Magic Touch is a contemporary adventure story, with magical and mystical elements that will appeal to pre-teens and all fans of science-fiction and fantasy. The unlikely hero, Dylan Murphy, is an ordinary teenage boy who accidentally enters a magical world. He finds himself in the middle of a fierce battle between two powerful wizards, Alazar and Zondor. Alazar is an aging and beloved wizard from the kingdom of Colabra who faces his nemesis Zondor - a ruthless and power-hungry wizard who will stop at nothing to spread evil. Dylan Murphy, who is yet to experience his first kiss, must take matters into his own hands to save the world, using a little high-tech gadgetry in the process. An exciting and fast-paced page-turner - you won't want to put it down!
Great Book!
     This book will have your attention within the first few pages and you will not be able to stop reading it. The author does an absolutely amazing job of helping the reader really relate to the story. This book flowed so smoothly and was such an easy story to read you actually felt like you were there. Every chapter is packed with adventure and leaves you wanting more. I can't wait for the second book!
"Action, Adventure, Magic, & Fun !!!"
A Good Read
     Dylan Murphy and the Magic Touch is a fantasy/science fiction novel that will appeal to all ages but will have special appeal to readers in the 11 to 15 age group. The book is an action filled page turner that grabs you and keeps you enthralled. The story follows the adventure of two contemporary Colorado teens as they come into contact with magical forces that are not of their world. This book leaves you wanting more and wondering what is next for Dylan, Jackson and their magical friends.
Finally! A Fun And Engaging Book I Enjoyed!
    I gave this book a whirl after hearing rave reviews about it from a co-worker. I'll be honest, I am not usually a fan of this genre. However, Dylan Murphy and The Magic Touch kept my interest from the opening chapter.

   Unlike books that choose to provide nauseating details, I thought Mr. Glenn did an excellent job of setting the scene and leaving the rest up to the imagination of the reader. This book was fast paced and a real treat. It takes you through a magical journey with numerous twists and turns.

   I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun and engaging book. Colorado readers will particularly enjoy all the references to our great state and I can only hope a sequel will be available to us in the not too distant future (read the book and you'll find out why)!
Surprisingly Thrilled!
     I was surprisingly thrilled to find a fantastic original story to enjoy. I have always been a fan of magical factasy and this does not dissapoint. I did not put the kindle down until I finished the last page. I am eagerly awating the next installment of this fabulous story line.
Very Enjoyable Read!
     This adventure story will grab your attention and not let go! I really enjoyed the characters and can't wait to see how author develops them and the story. I'm ready for the next book, please don't keep me waiting!
 A Wonderful Read - A graphic novel with no pictures - Super!!!
     Wow! I'm impressed. Not only did I love this book, but my kids couldn't get enough. A contemporary Harry Potter, complete with a great story line and characters. Such an easy read. I looked for other books by this author, "Brian Glenn", but it looks like this is his first. The first few chapters kept my interest, but I have to tell you, this author just kept getting better, chapter after chapter. I read some exceptional reviews on Amazon that ultimately led me to give this book a try, and boy am I glad I did. Several folks seem to believe a second book is forthcoming after reading their reviews. All I can say is I'm ready for the next one. I'm a fan! Who knows maybe we'll see it on the big screen one day, it would be awesome. I love the way a new spin was placed on magic and mystical powers, what a rock'in idea. There was quite a few references to Colorado, where the main character lives. I've never been, but I'm thinking that planning a trip is in order. Super read...
A new wizard is born!
    Very interesting book with excellent character depth along with stunning visualizations. I easily read the book in one reading and was amazed how fast the time went. Dylan Murphy has several characters that we can all identify with. Having a local author covering the Denver area is a bonus. I can easily see this book as a series and can not wait to see what adventures await Dylan. With Harry Potter concluded this new hero will fill this magical void and provide teens a role model for the future.
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