Customer Reviews of Harvest Moon
Five Stars
Magic Touch was good, Harvest Moon is Awesome!
It appears book 1 was this author's first novel, and it was a great start. The book was a very enjoyable mental vacation into a new magical world, and I quickly became attached to the characters as I turned the pages, unable to set the book aside.

In book 2, however, the author has clearly outdone himself. I thought the writing itself improved, but what really stands out is the story. There's more to this one.

the first half of the book starts the story off from multiple perspectives and sets the stage for a couple of subplots in the process. In the second half of the book, the pace really picks up and it was very difficult to put the book down when I had to. I was too emotionally involved and had to keep reading late into the night. The second half will really grab you. It's intense. The subplots all come together and get nicely wrapped up, and the ending has some incredible, unexpected turns that I really didn't see coming.

The other nice thing about this book is that the author provides some of the history of the new planet and the source of its magic. It ties in to book 1 and explains a bit more about the magic in that book and definitely sets the stage for at least book 3 if not more in this series. It also highlights real locations in the state of Colorado, just like the first book did.

The author definitely finishes in a way that leaves you begging for the next book in the series. He does a great job of leaving you wanting more without resorting to an unfinished ending. In fact, I think the finish is fantastic and the best part of the book. If there was any doubt about the rating before the end, all doubt was removed by the finish... wow. Definitely 5 stars for me. So when do we get book 3?

If you enjoyed book 1, I would highly encourage you to get book 2. As much as I enjoyed book 1, book 2 is clearly even better. It is also clearly a sequel, so you will definitely want to read book 1 first.
"Action, Adventure, Magic, & Fun !!!"
 Captivating and Explosive
Bravo Mr Glenn! This book is captivating to say the least. It will grab you with the very first word and not let you go until the very last. It tires me out just to think about all of the adventures that are taking place in this wickedly good novel.
Yes wicked...there are evil people in this book.
This is a story that you will remember for a long time. Surprisingly I have an advantage, I live in Denver and I loved reading all of the references to my home town. Every time I drive by a place mentioned in the book, I enjoy reliving that chapter. Ohhh so much fun! And yes Mr Glenn, I know exactly where the tombs are!
The characters are so real, sometimes I feel like the author is talking to my own children. I just wish my daughter could clean her room like Lisa can!
Well thanks a lot, now I am hooked, where is book 3?
 Incredible Book
Book 1 was Awesome, book 2 stepped it up several notches. Brian's writing style reminds me of another author, "Piers Anthony" because his detailed descriptions bring you right into the world so you can visualize each scene and become a part of the story. This book is very easy to read and can even stand alone. I read it in 3 sittings, never wanting to put the book down. The book wraps up each event very nicely and leaves you clinching for the next book. I am looking forward to round 3, I don't read many books but this one keeps me coming back for more. Excellent work!
Excellent second offering in the series
Brian Glenn does it even better this time with The Harvest Moon. The book is well thought out and captures the reader from the beginning. An easy read with a few surprises that involves the reader throughout. This edition brings us further into the characters lives and provides more than a glimpse into their true motivation. Brian Glenn's writing style continues to evolve with Dylan Murphy and his companions reaping the benefit. Buy the book, sit back and enjoy the ride.
Awesome read, wonderful journey
To the Author of Dylan Murphy and the Harvest Moon I have read both of your books. The first book took me on a wonderful journey through Eldora and Colorado. After I finished that book I could not wait to see if there would be a book two. When Harvest Moon came out I was excited and could not wait to dive into this story. When I started reading this book I had a hard time putting it down it just intrigued me and kept my attention throughout the whole book. If a third booking is coming I can't wait because I want to find out more about the different characters that I have already met while on my journey through Eldora and Colorado. Thank you for a wonderful book and outstanding journey.
 Great sequel!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dylan Murphy and the Harvest Moon, Book 2 of the Dylan Murphy series. I reread Book 1 for background (Dylan Murphy and the Magic Touch), and Book 2 is even more exciting and action-packed. The story is fast-paced and imaginative, and easily flows between the different worlds of Colabra and Colorado. It was fun to follow the continued adventures of Dylan, Lisa and John, as they encounter and battle new obstacles and enemies. Mr. Glenn is a great storyteller, who creates believable situations and characters that you want to jeer and cheer for. I could actually visualize many of the battle scenes coming to life on TV or the big screen. I highly recommend this book for teen and adult fans of science fiction and fantasy, and am anxious for the release of Book 3 in the Dylan Murphy series!
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