'Songview' is a Windows OS computer application designed to allow for ease of Song Play by allowing for easy: Page Setup, Page Turning, Page Display, Song Editing, and Song Saving. If you have a Blue Tooth foot pedal that connects to your PC or Laptop you will never have to stop playing music to turn a page again. If you have the ability to project your PC or Laptop onto your flat screen TV, then everyone at your Jam Session will never have to huddle around your song book to see the current Lyrics, Chords, or Tabs, and if you have the Blue Tooth foot pedal mentioned above, then you're in for a great deal of fun at your next Jam Session. As pointed out by numerous observers, Songview can also be used as a teleprompter, provided you have a Blue Tooth foot pedal.

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Once Downloaded, run the SongviewSetUp.exe as administrator. Depending on your PC User security, you may want to set the attribute to run Songview.exe as Administrator by default.
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